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How to receive your rights as a member when all else fails

 KendickT(World Ops)Defendent vs Kesha aka Hot_liquor plaintiff

Case Wrongful or Excessively harsh reprimand and Forum suspension.

Proceedure Plaintif and defendant will both make one post to present their case to this platform each has 72 hrs after notice to appear.

This proceeding is moving forward in  accordance with RLC TOS and ROC having all emails to WorldJustice ignored having been told specifically to contact them publicly by SweetGuy in the forums and as standard procedure in a private email from Brian.

Due to the failure to reply within a timely manner 3 months the some rights have been forfeited by the defense and this proceeding will continue and a neutral judge will be appointed after the 72 hour notice has been served  make a ruling.

Plaintiff seeks the restoration of forum access and removal of all current strikes that may be active and consider them as  time served

My opening statement has not yet been approved but I am going forward to present my case.
I have a shitload of "It doesn't hold water claims". I know they dont hold water as to an explanation and Kendrick knows they don't hold water but the anonymity of the internet and virtual world tend to excuse ones accountability or one's perception of accountability. So I will go beyond rule breaking yes or no's and say these rules were not even written for this game as we know. Utherverse was supposed to be some little pay your 20, say you got ripped and go home. Kendrick and is team of hulagans would look for opportunities to bill you with extras then ignore your emails. One of his more noticeable talents but thats not what happened. RLC went BOOM and I was selling 10 skins a day and rented 2 portal next thing I know I'm giving them $2000 dollars a month and keeping whats left over. So when I get charged for Nick Nack Patty Wak you've already lost the big picture. First you ban Nick for Nacking Patty then Patty for Wak who the hell knows. You had the big league but acted like a kindergarden lunch time bully. Hell I could of paid to live in a mansion with that kind of money. Any other company would be wining and dining me discussing ideas but not you. You act like were all some sort of undesirables. Well I have a few things to say about that. Office work is women's work. Men are the hunters that's just how nature made them. You should be out beating things with a hammer, killing nails that don't behave not in here killing game population with your inherent need to ban. The great and powerful oz. Great and powerful to the girlfriend and boyfriend you just separated for life over the stupidest infraction. These rules we're playing with are meant for the game were turning into as a result of your bans not the Boom game that was with real business, real lives, real families being fed. Real people enraged vowing never to return as a result of your careless unethical values. The game is dumbing down to meet the level of it's operators not unbridled and allowed to grow. Your treating everything as a game. The forums, rule enforcement when it should be treated as a world particularly more like the old US rather than the lying, entitled, unaccountable we have today.
End my case
A valued customer valued by other customers just not by you.
Kesha aka Hot_Liquor


 Ok so now all we need is a judge. This person will have to not be afraid of Plush Lies, Pryss Flames, THX_'s Meme stalking, SweetGuys rule manipulations or Kendrickt's Bans. So if anyone doesn't have any problem with that and agree RLC is massive when its not, everyone receiving warnings or suspensions had been previously warned regardless whether they had or not. Continued to ignore their warnings most of which are just hard coded into the warning template then we value your opinion as to whether I should once again have access to the forum. A new 72 hours begins now for a staff rebuttle.



 Hot_Liquor wins by Default

Remove my suspension immediately.

For someone claiming to be conducting judicial type

proceeding all we seem to get is because you said so.

Answer this to yourself. Out of all the years you been hearing cases

of misunderstandings and extremely harsh reprimands.

How many times has the customer won their case. I would bet the bank right now it is zero.

Hey perfect record not bad.

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