Tips & Safety

Never give out personal information such as your real name, where you live, schools you’ve attended, your facebook link, etc. The more someone knows about you, the easier it is for them to steal your identity or stalk you. If you plan on using third party software such as Skype to provide voice or cam sessions, consider setting up an account that is not linked to your real name.

Don’t be afraid to say NO if you are uncomfortable with a client or request. Try to be gracious if you must reject someone, to prevent bad reviews and complaints. Always refund someone if they’ve paid you but you’ve decided not to provide a session.

Always put on a good attitude! If you are irritable, snobby or rude, your clients will never repeat with you and will ensure that potential clients don’t waste their Rays.

If all this seems strange to you and you are not sure you have the personality to carry out a steamy virtual sex session with a complete stranger over the net, then consider creating an ‘alter ego’ and become someone completely different. Be creative and invent an alter ego that will make you feel comfortable and confident.

The Innocent Sponge: Inexperienced and willing to be taught

The Sexual Daredevil: Willing to try anything twice, no fetish is off limits (within all RLC rules and guidelines)

The Nympho Slut: Porn-star attitude, promiscuous and proud of it. Needing sex 24/7

The Dominatrix: You enjoy giving verbal bashings. You are superior and rule at the art of humiliation

WG Rules of Conduct

If you do not abide by the WG Rules of Conduct, your Working Girl/Guy Badge may be removed by Utherverse® World Operations, and further appropriate action against your associated accounts will be considered without refund.

An up-to-date version of the WG Rules of Conduct can be found here: