What Are RLC Working Girls/Guys?

Red Light Center working people are RLC members who offer virtual sex sessions to other members. WGs can offer basic sessions using the sex animations and text chat, or they can offer enhanced sessions with voice, webcam, and/or fetish services. Red Light Center welcomes WGs of all genders and sexual orientations.

What Does RLC Do For WGs?


RLC offers all WGs a badge to use in the 3D environment to let other members know they are available for virtual sex sessions. Verified WGs get a special badge to indicate they are photo, age, and gender verified. You can see the different member and staff badges in the All About Name Colors and Badges article.


Your WG Directory listing is a great place to advertise your rates and services, upload photos, tell members a bit about your sexy self and get reviews! 

Premium and Verified WGs can also upload a billboard ad, which is linked to their Directory Listing and displayed in rotation with other WGs’ ads in several locations in the 3D world. If you are a Premium or Verified WG and would like to set up an ad, please open a ticket with the WG support team!

In-World advertising is also available to purchase in several locations in Red Light Center.

  • You can advertise a WG-specific event in the BareBack Bordello for free if there are fewer than 5 ads in the spot! If there are already 5 ads in the spot, you must wait until one expires before adding yours. To advertise your event in the Bordello WG Events spot, open a ticket with the WG support team!
  • There are many other ad spots throughout RLC as well! Take a look at the In-World Ad Locations article to see what's available, and open a ticket to find out about pricing for the ad spot you're interested in!


Verified WGs get a special badge in-world and on their profile, letting people know they are the same age and gender that they say they are, and that their photos are real. 

If you are transgender and are having trouble with your profile’s gender settings, please open a ticket with the WG department and we’ll assist you as soon as possible. To get verified:

  1. Make sure you already have a Basic or Premium WG listing
  2. Open a ticket with the WG department requesting the Verification Word
  3. Visit the verification page, here: https://www.utherverse.com/id/?rt=WG 
  4. Read the information on the page thoroughly and 
    • upload the required documentation
    • fill out the fields, and
    • click ‘Upload Files’
  5. A staff member will review your documentation. Once you’re verified you will be able to set up your verified profile and get the Verified WG badge


RLC has a bustling community of friendly WGs so don’t be afraid to get involved and ask questions! Here are some great ways to learn more, find clients and make friends:

  • Forums: Check out the WG subforum to meet WGs, learn tips and tricks, and find out about classes and events
  • Bareback Bordello: Visit the Bordello any time to solicit new clients and socialize with other WGs. The Bordello also has a billboard where you see upcoming WG events and classes, or advertise your own. The VWW link for Bareback Bordello is vww://utherverse.vww/bordello
  • Events: RLC sometimes hosts events where WGs can wear their badges, and many private venues host WG parties. Make sure to check the events calendar and ad spots often!
  • Classes: Some experienced WGs offer classes with tips for getting the most out of your WG experience. Free classes are advertised in the bordello and the forum.


If you have questions, comments or suggestions regarding WG services, you can open a support ticket at any time. Be sure to select “Working Girl / Guy” from the Help Topic drop-down menu to direct your inquiry to a staff member with specialized WG services knowledge.