This article describes marketing opportunities for members of Utherverse and their businesses. If you're interested in ad space on any of our web properties, please contact our Marketing department at

One of the best ways to ensure your virtual business is successful is to make sure you have a good marketing strategy. A strong marketing approach allows you to both acquire new customers and keep the interest of previous clientele. This guide will discuss a variety of ways you can market your business in the virtual community.

In-World Advertising

Utherverse offers a variety of in-world advertising spots in high-traffic areas. You can view a list of these spots and their pricing in the article How To Set Up In-World Ads.

Specialized Directories

Some businesses may have specialized advertising available to them through Utherverse directories. These can be great ways to not only reach new clientele, but obtain feedback and reviews that can build up a great reputation for your brand.

World Directory (Explore Tab)

The World Directory can be accessed by clicking the "Explore" button in the virtual world. Here, members can look up businesses by category, or by searching using keywords. To learn how to list your world in the world directory, visit the Finding Your Way Around help article.

Decorator Directory

The Decorator Directory is perfect for decorators to advertise their services! Members can search the directory by category, price range, rating, license status and whether or not the decorator has a portfolio. To sign up for a directory listing, click ‘Get Listed’ on the Decorator Directory website, here:

Business Directory

The Business Directory lists licensed businesses in RLC. A directory listing includes your username, business name, website URL (optional), multiple category options, and a photo. Members can contact businesses by sending them a Social Center message.  To learn about the benefits of getting a Business License and how to sign up, visit the What Are Business Licenses? article.

WG Directory

Erotic services providers can enroll as a "WG" to get a special badge and a WG Directory listing. Potential clients can search the directory by gender, age, services offered, screen name, and whether or not the WG is verified. They can also view specials, the Top Ten chart, and reviews. To learn more, visit the article What Are RLC Working Girls/Guys?

Events Calendar

If you’re throwing an event, be sure to submit a listing to the Events Calendar! This calendar is available to all members, both from the Social Center and in-world. To learn more about finding, submitting, and managing events, visit the Events Calendar article.

VWW of The Day

The VWW of The Day is a completely free service for advertising your VWW region. Successful VWW of The Day applicants will have their region featured for one day in both the Utherverse and RedLightCenter transports. You can learn more about the regulations and how to apply in the VWW of the Day article.


Bulletins are a great way to advertise to your friends! Bulletins allow you to send a message out to everyone on your friends list. That message can be formatted with HTML to make it eye catching and exciting! To learn more about bulletins, check out the Bulletins article!


The Utherverse Forums are completely free to use and are not only great for advertising products, services and events, but also serve as an excellent networking tool. There are many topics covering help and support, sponsorship and partnership opportunities, and advertising. 

You can view and post in the forums here: and you can learn more in the Forums article.

Public Doors

The Door Licensing system allows Business License holders to direct members to their business from high traffic public regions. This is a great way to increase the flow of members to revenue generating regions as well as increase brand visibility. You can upload an image to your door, or you can hire a decorator to completely customize your virtual storefront! You can learn more about public doors in the article Licensing Doors.


Utherverse is a virtual community, and one of the best ways to catch the attention and loyalty of the community is to be involved in it! Attend events, make friends, and most importantly, network, network, network!

Sponsoring Events and Venues

Sponsoring an event or venue usually means you donate some of your products or services in exchange for being advertised as a sponsor. This could be as simple as a clothing designer offering a free outfit as a prize, a decorator helping decorate for the event, or a performer offering a free performance. In most cases, the Sponsor gets announced as a sponsor on event listings and venue posters, and sometimes gets other marketing benefits or products and services. Sponsoring popular events and venues can result in great exposure for your brand and helps build a positive feeling towards you in the community.

Tip: Make both you and the event or venue owner both fully understand what is expected from both parties before entering an agreement. A public disagreement between two businesses can result in bad publicity for everyone involved.


Partnering is a great way to go from individual small businesses to one powerhouse business! 

Some members with similar skills may decide to join forces, such as two decorators joining to become a deco team. This can have the benefit of jobs being completed quicker while they work together, or for multiple jobs to be completed simultaneously.

Some members with different specialties might decide to join forces, such as someone who specializes in retexturing, someone who specializes in decorating, and someone who specializes in sales. This would allow for each person to focus on their own specialty without having to handle other aspects of the business, ensuring good quality in each specific area of the team’s work.

Advertising Exchanges

Advertising exchanges are cooperative efforts between multiple businesses to share advertisements. Usually these take the form of banner shares. In an advertising exchange, your advertisement would appear in another business’s venue or on their website, and their advertisement would appear on yours. 

Affiliate Advertising

External advertising is a great way to not only increase sales of your own virtual product or services, but to earn revenue as an affiliate as well! As an Utherverse Affiliate, you will be provided with banner templates and tracking links which you can use on your own website, or you can buy ad spots on other websites. Learn more in the Affiliate Program article.

Tip: You can create your own custom-branded version of the software to offer your new members a unique experience, and make it easier to direct them to your virtual products and services!

Donate to a Swag Bag

RLC offers a Loyalty Gifts bag as well as limited-time, seasonal bags. The Loyalty Gifts bag is open to all members, and more gifts become available on the yearly anniversary of a member's sign-up date. Seasonal bags are only available for a limited time throughout the year, and each one is different. For more about Swag Bags and how to donate to them, visit the Swag Bags help article.