Live Support Chat

Technical and Customer Support representatives can be contacted directly via live chat to assist with your inquiry in real time!

Technical Support can be reached from Monday to Friday 9am-5pm Pacific Time.

Customer Support can be reached from Monday to Friday 9am-4pm Pacific Time.

To access live support go to:

World Operations, Business Support and WG Support cannot be reached by live chat. For inquiries regarding these matters, please use the ticket or email systems.

For after-hours help or for World Operations, Business, or WG Support please open a ticket, making sure to choose the correct support department as the topic. 

You can also join the member-run Utherverse Discord server, where other members, volunteers, and sometimes staff are available to assist you.

Ticketing System

The ticket system allows you to keep track of your inquiries, and make sure they get sent to the right staff member when they're submitted. This helps speed up our process to get you help faster!

Create a support account: Your support account is separate from your RLC/UV account, so you will need to register when you submit a ticket. Once you'd submitted your ticket, you will be sent an email to activate your account. 

Please use the email associated with your RLC/UV account when creating a ticket. This will allow us to serve you much quicker, as many actions cannot be performed without the account-owner's consent. 

Select the right Help Topic to get help faster! Choosing a help topic that fits your inquiry means you don't have to wait for your ticket to be forwarded to the correct department. If you're not sure, that's okay! Your ticket will be sent to the right department, but you may experience a slight delay in service while that happens.

Affiliate Support: assistance with the Affiliate Program, friend referrals, custom branding & white labels

Billing Inquiry: assistance with billing & payment, Rays, upgrades

Business Support: assistance with business licensing, public door licensing, in-world ads, business promos, conventions, etc.

Customer Support: general customer support for all inquiries. If you're not sure what topic to select or your inquiry doesn't fit any of the other topics, choose this one!

Quality Assurance (QA): assistance with the QA program, feature & new release testing

Technical Support: assistance with technical issues, bugs reporting

Working Girl/Guy Support: assistance with the RLC WG program, badges, listings, WG-related complaints & suggestions

World Operations: for inquiries regarding Terms of Service and Rules of Conduct violations, bans & suspensions

Our support hours are Monday-Friday from 9am-6pm Pacific Time, with the highest volume of staff available between 10am and 4pm Pacific Time..

We are closed on all federal Canadian and provincial British Columbian statutory holidays.

Please allow 2 full business days for a response.

Opening a new ticket or adding new replies to your ticket will not bump your inquiry to the top of the queue.


You can contact our support teams by email! Your email will automatically open a support ticket, however you can respond to the ticket by email if you don't want to log in to the support system.

Please send your email from the email-account associated with your RedLightCenter/Utherverse profile. This will allow us to serve you much quicker, as many actions cannot be performed without the account-owner's consent.

Customer Support:

Technical Support:   

World Operations:  

Business Support: 

WG Support:


Help Articles

You can find helpful articles in our Knowledge Base by browsing the categories or using the search bar. 

To report missing or inaccurate information: you can let us know by 

  • opening a Business Support ticket, or 
  • answering the "Did you find it helpful?" question at the bottom of the article page with "No". This will open a dialogue box where you can tell us more about what's missing or inaccurate in the article

To suggest an article please open a Business Support ticket and let us know what's missing from our support site and we'll be happy to consider writing up a help article on a new topic!

There is also a member-run Utherverse Wiki that you can search or suggest additions to anytime.

Forums & Member Chat

The Utherverse Forums are a great place to find non-urgent help on many topics, with many knowledgeable members and volunteers happy to share their knowledge and experience! 

In-world chat is also a great place to source information from other members. If you need assistance from a staff member or one of our volunteer teams, you can use the member search menu to send them a message! 

  1. Click the button that looks like two people. It can be found in the upper-right corner of the RLC client, under your mini-avatar
  2. In the Search tab, click the Staff/Volunteer button 
  3. Click Search (you don't have to enter a name - leaving it blank will show you ALL staff and volunteers that are online)
  4. Right-click a staff or volunteer's name to see options, such as jumping to them or sending a message

The Utherverse Discord server is a fun member-run live chat space where you can join the discussion with other members, volunteers and staff. There are several topical chats to choose from, or you can just join the fun in the general chat area.