Most properties have a monthly or yearly license fee, also known as rent. Paying rent is the least fun part of managing property, but it's important so that you don't lose access to your properties! If you don't already have properties, visit the Property Basics article to learn how to get some.

  • Rent can be paid monthly or yearly for most properties, with the yearly fee offered at a discount
  • Rent is always charged in Rays
  • If you don't pay your rent you won't lose the property, but it will be 'locked'. This means you won't be able to visit or decorate the property, and neither will anyone else, until the rent is paid

To pay your rent:

  1. In your Social Center, navigate to the Property tab
  2. Select the world your property is in from the CHOOSE PROPERTY GROUP drop-down
  3. Find the property you want to pay rent on, and click Manage
  4. Click the Licensing tab
    • If you want to change the license plan before paying, you can do that now, using the Change License Plan drop-down. Remember to click submit to save your change
  5. Use the License Fee Deposit drop-down menu to select how much you'd like to pay. You can pay for one license period, or you can select enough for several license periods
    • Extra Rays over the current license period's amount will be deposited into the property's Lockbox to be applied to upcoming rents for that property. Rays in a lockbox cannot be withdrawn or transferred so be absolutely sure before depositing them
  6. Click Submit

Paying in Advance / Lockboxes:

You can use your property's Lockbox to store additional rent. When it's time to pay again, Rays in the Lockbox will be applied to your property's rent. It's important to note that:

  • Rays in a property's Lockbox will only be applied to that property's rent
  • Rays in a Lockbox cannot be transferred to another property
  • Rays in a Lockbox cannot be withdrawn. They will remain in the Lockbox until they are applied to that property's rent

To add funds to a Lockbox, simply follow the same steps as paying rent, but deposit extra Rays.

NOTE FOR ZABYS: You can only have ONE Zaby at a time that is your “DEFAULT” Zaby. That is the one that you can decorate and visit, and that other users can access. If you have more than one Zaby for which you are paying rent, you still can have only one Zaby that is accessible at a time. BUT YOU WILL STILL BE CHARGED RENT FOR ALL YOUR ACTIVE ZABYS. It's a good idea to stop rent on all Zabys that are not your default Zaby.