Property in Red Light Center is divided into several categories. Most properties only require that you have a VIP or UVIP membership to license them. Some properties require a special role to license, like a Business License or a WG listing. You can view a complete list of property categories in the Property Catalog.

  • Zabys: Zabys are private virtual housing. Every VIP in Utherverse gets a free Zaby that they can decorate and play with. Other people can visit, and they will see some of your pictures, your friends, your profile information, and they can also meet other visitors. Zabys are assigned to your Zaby world automatically, and cannot be sent to your created worlds
  • Showroom Zabys: These Zabys are intended for building and displaying layouts, and therefor have a very low population capacity
  • UVIP Properties: These properties require an active UVIP membership. Once you upgrade to UVIP you can select from this property category.
  • Business Properties: These proeprties require an active Business License before you can select one. Visit the What Are Business Licenses? help article for more about getting licensed
  • WG Bedrooms: These bedrooms are licensed on a per-day basis, and are intended for WGs who only need a private space when they're actually working. They are not role-restricted, so anyone can license one.
  • Other Properties: Most other properties can be selected at any time, even if you don't have an active subscription. However, members without VIP or UVIP will not be able to access all the features of their licensed properties.

All properties are assigned to a world. Your Zabys will be assigned to the Zabys world, which will be created automatically when you purchase your first Zaby. Any other properties you purchase will be assigned to one of the worlds you've created. You can have just one world, or you can create several. 

Create a World

Your Zabys world will be created for you automatically, but you will need to create a private world to put other types of property in!:

  1. Click the Property tab in your Social Center
    • If this is your first world, Click the >Create your own Virtual World< link
    • If you've created a world before but would like to add another one, click the Create World tab
  2. Enter a title for your world
    • You can use the - check availability - link to see if that name is taken
  3. Use the Themes drop-down to indicate if your world will contain content that is safe for a general audience, or contains adult material. This will help categorize any properties you add to it as well
  4. Enter a message to greet people entering your world
  5. Select a transport center from the drop-down
  6. Make sure you're familiar with the Terms of Service and check the box
  7. Click Submit

Get Property

Now that you have a world, you can add property to it!

  1. Click the Property tab in your Social Center
  2. Click the Add Property tab
  3. Select a property category from the list to see properties of that type
    • Click the preview image to open a larger version
    • Click the View in 3D link to launch the 3D browser and visit a copy of the property. All showrooms are free of deco and retextures, allowing you to see in the exact condition they will be delivered to you in
    • Some properties have descriptions, though it's not usually necessary. Make sure you read the description if there is one, as some properties are offered at a discount due to minor flaws
  4. Once you've decided on a property, use the Price Plan drop-down to select which license fee schedule you'd like to use. Most properties offer a monthly and yearly option. Make sure you take a look at the price plans for all properties, as some are offered FREE to new members!
  5. Click Add to Cart. You can continue shopping and add more properties to your cart, or you can head to the Checkout
  6. Click the View Cart button if you'd like to see what's in your cart. You can remove properties from your cart if you've changed your mind about them
  7. Click the Checkout button to access the purchasing page
    • You can see your Rays balance to make sure you have enough Rays for your purchase
    • Select a category for your property if you'd like it/them to be listed in the VWW Directory. If you don't select one, your property won't be listed for other members to see. You can change this later
    • Select which world you'd like to add your property to, if you have more than one. Any Zabys in your cart will be automatically added to the Zabys world, no matter what world you select, so don't worry if you have both Zabys and other types of property in your cart
  8. Click BUY NOW to complete your purchase

Helpful Links

Check out the Properties & Zabys help catalog for more!