You can set all kinds of rules for your Zaby! Want friends to fly? Can they get naked? Want it to be a private pad, or a party scene? All these rules can be set by you.

  1. Simply click on the Zaby from your Home Page.
  2. Then select, “House Rules
  3. Some default rules are already set for you, but you can change, add and delete rules.
  4. To make easy rules, just select whether the rule is to Allow or Deny an action (Like Allow people to Fly, or Deny people access…)
  5. Next, you will select what list the rule applies to (such as, “My Friends” or “My Ignores” or “Everyone”…)
  6. Next, select an Action from the “Action” pull down list, and then hit “Create

If you want to make a very custom list, just go to where it says, “Create New List” and enter the Name of your new list (Like “Best Friends” or “Interior Designers” and then you will have the ability to start adding Usernames. This way, you can make custom lists.

So, maybe you want all of your friends to be able to get naked, but only your “Best Friends” to be able to fly in your Zaby. With a custom list, you can do that. Also, you might want some help decorating your Zaby. Here, you can make a list of one person, or just a small group that could be, for example, “Interior Designer” and you can give permission to Decorate your Zaby!