The events calendar lists both member-created and official RLC events. It can be found:

Find An Event

Visit the Events Calendar any time to see events listed by day

  • Use the tabs at the top of the page to see events happening this week or this month
  • Click the Options tab to set your local time and preferred view mode
  • Click the Invites tab to see invitations people have sent you to their events
  • Click the Create Event tab to create an event
  • Hover over a row of events to enable navigation
    • Use the right & left arrows to view events later or earlier in that day
    • Use the up & down arrows to view events on earlier or later days
  • On the left, you can see today's VWW of The Day and the Featured Event of the day
  • Clicking on an event will open its Event Page, which will give you more details about the event

On an event's page you can

  • See more information about the event
  • Click the host's name to visit their profile
  • Click the event link to launch the 3D browser and visit the venue
  • RSVP to the event or decline to go
  • Invite your friends to attend 
  • Add a comment

List An Event In the Calendar

  1. Visit 
  2. Click the Create Event link
  3. Select the event type from the drop-down menu (I'm using Regular Event for this example)
    • Regular Event: Most events are this type. Please see the full regulations for this event type by selecting it from the drop-down or clicking this link.
    • Personal Event: This has the same rules as regular events, but is for your personal calendar.
    • Wedding Event & Express Weddings: Weddings require a JoP to officiate, and the married couple will receive a certificate. To learn more about wedding events please visit the Weddings help article
    • VWW of the Day: The VWW of the Day is featured for 24 hours in a portal in both the RLC and UV Transport Centers in-world. To learn more about this opportunity, please visit the VWW of the Day help article
  4. Read the regulations and check the box, then click Next
  5. Fill out the fields and select the appropriate options, and click Next
    • Event Title: The title you want to be displayed in the Events Calendar
    • When: The date and time you want the event to take place. You can select your time zone further down
    • Duration: How long will your event last?
    • Where: You can use the drop-down to select from your owned properties, or you can enter the VWW link of someone else's property for an additional cost of 1 Ray. If the property does not belong to you, the venue owner will have to approve it before your event can be listed in the calendar. Make sure you have the venue owner's permission before setting up your event, and make sure they approve the venue once you submit your event
    • Content Rating: Auto will select the rating based on the venue's content rating. General means there is no soft or hardcore content. Softcore is adult, but no genital nudity or sex. Hardcore events include nudity and/or sexual content
    • Event Poster: This is optional but recommended. A good poster will help catch people's eye in the calendar, so they want to check out your event
    • Localtime: Use this drop-down to select the time zone your event is being hosted in. 
    • Frequency: Once means this event will only be listed one time. Monthly will allow you to select which months it happens in - it will occur on the same day each month (so if your first event is the 1st, all monthly events will be on the 1st). Periodic allows you to set your event to happen every week or multiple weeks, month or multiple months.
    • Repeat Until: If you're hosting a recurring event, this is the date the event will stop recurring. So if you want to host an event every month for a year, then you would set this date to the day after your final party
  6. Write a description for your event then click Next. You can use the text editor to pretty it up! Include anything that makes your event exciting and different, such as the theme, and what kinds of fun games and prizes there will be
  7. Check which calendars you want your event to be listed in then click Next. Most events will only have one option available, based on content settings, but some will have more than one. There is a 1 Ray charge per calendar.
  8. Review the fees and make sure you have enough Rays. If you chose a venue that doesn't belong to you, there will be a venue fee in addition to the calendar fee. 
  9. Click Finish to pay the event fees and submit your event for review
    1. If you selected a venue that someone else owns, the owner has to approve it in addition to the Events Team approval
    2. Events Team staff will review your event to ensure it follows all regulations. Once they approve your event, it will be listed in the calendar

Manage Your Event

To manage your events, visit the events calendar and click "Manage Your Events" at the bottom of the page. From here, you can see a list of your events. 

  • Use the drop-down menus to filter events by type and status
  • Click Edit to edit an event's details
  • Click the name of an event to open its event page

Invite friends

  1. From the event's page, click  "Invite friends to join"
  2. Check the box next to each friend you'd like to invite. You can start typing a friend's name into the text field to filter the list. You can also use the Select All link at the bottom to select your entire friends list
  3. Click Send to send out your invites

Cancel an Event

You can cancel an event by opening its event page and clicking "Cancel Event" in the top-right