If it is not an email / password error you receive upon entry, likely it is an issue of a more technical nature. If so, we will require more details to be able to assess and fix the issue properly. 

Please create a new trouble ticket or send an email over to Techsupport@Utherverse.com with a full description of your problem, any errors you receive, plus the following files, and we will be able to assist you better. 

The files that are needed are your text files:

These files are located by default in your:

C:\Program Files\Utherverse Digital Inc\Utherverse VWW Client Client (32 bit OS)


C:\Program Files (x86)\Utherverse Digital Inc\Utherverse VWW Client (64 bit OS)

Please save and attach it to the ticket or email. Please do not copy and paste as we will not receive all the info required.