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I was lied to and told that purchasing the VIP package was how you become a WG/WB. i got the VIP package, got double billed (yet another scam y'all seem to have done) and now I'm told i have to do something completely unrelated to the VIP package to become a WG and I cant even cash out on all the rays I have. I want my money back and my Account deleted!!!

So I was just contacted saying I’m going through fraud prevention and I don’t know why since my card has been charged

got this email not sure if it's legit …

Thank you for your response. Our record shows that you used a fraud transaction (Stolen card information, Stolen Identity, Unauthorized Purchased) in your membership via our payment processor. To resolve this issue you need provide us the requested information below so we can match it on our records that you are the authorized card holder that made the payment.

Name That Appears On Your Debit Card/Credit Card :

Debit Card Number/Credit Card Number :

Expiration Date :

CVV/Last 3 digits at the back of your card:

Billing Address :

State :

Zip Code :

Birth Date :

Bank Issuer :

Last 4 Digits Of SSN:

We will assure you that your information will not be disclosed to anyone/third party as we are a trusted site for many years.

Deana Reese,
RLC Site Billing Legal Team



 Thank you for the information

just fast pick up money and fk  other   need contact bryan shuster

yes the service is stupid       is 24 hour no reply and no help me get unbanned is 1 moth  contact  worldopsjustice no reply 

Right, like its been 12 days. Still no reply. I know they seen this those kind of threads, they are ignoring it because they know what they are doing and they not tryna deal with it. But im not the one to stand by and let someone scam me. They gonna have to deal with me, either civilly and under the table or i can blow this shit up and bring it to light. Like they finna catch a case

and world justice no speak give  7   msg and no aswer and  is 1 moth 

yes bro  the rlc banned me permanent and me lose my 100 cad lol

Ok, your clearly up for the cause of scamming others by withholding information. State and federal laws are in place to protect consumers from false or misleading advertising. These laws make deceptive claims illegal. No business may make false, misleading, or deceptive claims about a product regarding its: Price. So yes, they definitely fit in this category. I never said it said free, but if it cost then why upon checkout it doesn't change the price? It simply hits you with a "hidden fee". Thats deceptive. From the site i was on that was linked to them its doesn't say all that extra information until you get the product. That too is deceptive and withholding information. So i stan with my point.

You do need a VIP-account to become a WG/WB though. So they are correct in that bit..

The double billing isn't true, if you pay twice for VIP, you probably have two months of VIP to go ^_^

And the get $50 worth of rays upon signing up and $50 worth of rays recurring every 30 days is the message I believe? Where did it say "free"? (I agree, it didn't state that they would be paid as well, but it's not illegal)

Thats trash and terrible. They got me cuz it said GET $50 upon sign up and every 30 days i get another $50. I reread to make sure i wasnt tripping and i knew to watch my account incase they try to pull this shit. Im not above having a whole lawsuit and claiming fraud cause thats exactly what this is. Fraudulence!
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