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Wronfully deleted and banned ip address

For the past two days, I have been in contact with the support center regarding my account being banned, and now deleted for no reason at all. I have been a part of the RLC family since 2012 with no problems until 2 days ago. I wasn't able to log in, I was informed that my profile had been banned, yet was able to view my online profile. So in kind, I wrote a letter explaining what I was seeing and seeing about fixing this matter. Then I go check on it today, and My account was not only deleted altogether, but my ip address is still banned. So now I feel as though I am being targeted for no reason at all. If this is how you treat your longtime, loyal consumer base; The BBB deserves to have the right to know about these shady business practices your company is engaged in. I would like to think that this was just an honest mistake, but when things are deleted altogether, I feel as if it is please respond to this as now the community is informed that they too could be a target of these kinds of things for no reason at all. I do appreciate the seriousness with which this is being taken.

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Alan I feel your pain ... I too have been going thru this exact same scenario ...

no answers ... no reasons ... no responses .. posting a ''ticket'' is fruitless ... in the mean time ... I have lost all my ''properties''... my rlc rays and my U.S. Dollars on my account .... NO ONE  has responded in the last few days ... if they do ... its a form letter ... 

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U was banned also. Is there a phone number to call? This is pissing me off!

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I too am going through the exact same thing and, considering I've done nothing wrong, I'm beyond angry.

If this is how they treat their paying customers then they won't keep them for long !

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I've just tried logging on to find myself banned too
Banning accounts without giving them the proper info on how to correct them is a really bad business practice. User rights are here somewhere with all the information. I will find it and post for you guys/girls. brb


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I have been banned with out an explanation or reason I don't go to RLC to harass others.  How can this issue get resolved

Yes   I was loyal  vippayer  . I have or had  friends  then some imbicle fights  with others  ,  I get dragged in to  it  .  Only  to have  been told im banned  an ip  banned  . WTF    is up with that ? I  done no wrong  .    All  I get isgo away treat ment    your banned  get over it  from some agent  . 

Fuck agent shanon  non feeling  @#$%

Does anyone know of a phone number to call for RLC? Someone needs to exp!ain this shit to all of us!!!!! I was in RLC for over 9 years and was banned with no f#cking explanation.

I too was banned for no reason given - sure a vague ToS 10 but, nothing else and I do not identify with what was vague in Tos 10. I have been LOYAL member for over 5 years without problem. Then on October 10th 2018 I got banned - account and IP and NO reason given. I asked friends to find out and emailed customer support and submitted a ticket which has been ignored with NO reply or further explanation.

I was and still am willing to co-operate with whatever to get back to my account and membership but, have NOT knowingly done anything wrong so unless someone can explain with evidence then I dont know and feel targeted and would just like to return to friends - many of which will vouch for me and were as surprised as me for being outright banned with no email and still no explanation.

I have included my ticket number and details below which shows lack of any reply even though given opportunity. I have no way to call internationally and have relied on friends to help with tracking any info so far as I have not tried to circumvent the ban even though I feel is unjust I did not want to add to anything. However, the lack of any response is disgusting treatment of a customer/member and I was always happy to promote RLC along with always helping and standing up for vulnerable people on here. If guilty its simply of being a micro sized fae who never even had sex. Hardly worth a ban compared to the little ones who fuck daddies etc. I feel targeted. I helped with video and audio broadcasting I liked to deco and learn as well as do my own little djing and would buy plenty of skins and clothes from designers as well as custom tails and wings etc. I did NOT deserve this especially the treatment in lack of reply and sheer ignorance. I do hope someone will rightfully sort this out to allow a return and claim back my old account along with all my stuff I paid for including the rays attached to that account which were never refunded. This is despicable treatment.

I was orgininally IP and account banned but, soon seemed just account. Which is unfair as that means I can make a new account but, not use old account. I had made a new account just to make basic profile and keep contact with some friends and read forum which my ban would not even let me use. I have however since the ban not been in game due to not wanting to be seen to circumvent anything and scared I get told upon as I feel clearly someone was jealous and reported me for something unfair and untrue. That was not looked in to properly and no reason or evidence given. My friend who is a broadcaster and made the players even accepted it was she if anyone who was liable for the player content if that was a reason since by using the player how am I liable for what is built into the player and even that was NOT illegal. However other than that we had no idea for my ban. 

Being Processed since 98 days 2 hours

#76632 Ban for BellaNectar_LOLI

Hello! I was also wrongfully banned - I was logged in earlier. I think someone is scamming me. they also have been using other accounts as me. facebook and twitter I noticed they were logging in ; as it has a

record of that ; location's logged in at and I was never logging in at highland park. I don't know what is gong on here but I know I am being scammed  ironically I am also a witness to ufo's and abductions and other things which are speculative.  for all I know it actually is connected

I too have been banned along with my IP #  an account for no reason they can explain other than a back charge which they don't seem to know how to explain that, this all happened about 10-15 days ago, I was on auto renewel until my last two credit cards was hacked so  I started paying as I  go that's when they banned me, all I can tell you all is move on to trusted site, both my credit cards were hacked  in this  site by a scammer an RLC  knows about them,

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