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I re-installed Utherverse on my new Windows 8.1 Laptop. I have all the requirements and then some to run RLC. I have tried the XML repair tool. I log in to RLC and the loading stops half way into the region every time. I have also tried being hard wired instead of using WI-Fi and it still only loads half way and stops. Tried many of the fixes in the RLC forums and still nothing. I have been gone from RLC for 2 years but didn't think it would be this much of a problem coming back. Someone please help!

have you tried temporarily halting your firewall? Many anti virus programs will flag the RLC patcher (or most any patcher) as a possible virus, because it downloads the RLC program. By turning off your AV (or allowing RLC/Utherverse within your AV) you should be able to then load the program.

when I try to open the game program it appears "loadXML" and then "COULD NOT FIND TO PRODUCT TO PATCH" and it stops all

 can you help me? thank you

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