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Suspicious email

this email was sent to my inbox and and i'm sure its fake , so they can try to see if  i would give my personnel info, has anyone  recieved similiar emails .i still  havent been able to contact anyone from the site , screen shot below

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Received the same one myself. Figure who ever it was flooded everyone they could hoping to find someone who believed the message and would send in their info before they were reported and banned

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I just received the same thing.Since nothing was sent to my regular email account,ignored,report,block  

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I received the same kind of message on my regular email account last night.

Beware of the user RLCAdminWorld!! They are threatening legal and clearly suspicious.

I am blocking them and hope you do too if you receive any email from them.

Yeah, I just got sent the same message. I reported it to the support email, because I wasn’t sure if it was real or not. Hopefully they will get banned

They must be starting it again I just got the same email with the name deana reese...

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