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hi every one im just wondering what you all think

I intered a raffle and the packages up for grabs had 20 things in them and I won I received a email telling me want I won right so I do everything I had to do but there was one I could not get not because anything ive done everything I did in a timely mater the thing was there sopser dropped them so because they cant keep track of there stuff I have to pay the only layout in my winnings so these guys took my money saying these are the packages we are raffling off and there not making good with it but I'm the one being burnt here not them they made there money on the tickets they sold and are still saling but I would like to let every one know if something goes wrong on there end your the one that gets burnt because they don't give a f@&*about us or making and keeping things right by us .now I was told that there sopser owed them 5 or 600 reys but how is that my beef I didn't make the deal with there sponser they did my deal was with them . I mean think about it if you won 100 dollors you going to just say oh its cool you keep 20 for gp because that's what it is these guys are ripping people off and everyone lets them if you cant trust them to pay what they say yer buying the tickets for  now I paid 150 worth of tickets 50 at a time 3 times before the drawing and I received about 120 in stuff so yeah I'm pist off now these aint the only ones doing this stuff  my ollady got me a truck stop in storage wars now I have a lot of places and did not need it at the time so I went to the saler and made a deal with them I gave them another 50 rays to cover the cost of 2 trucks instead of one truck and the truck stop well they had stuff going on so I gave them more then a nuff time to provide me with my trucks 3 months 1 week  nothing so I went to the nice lady at storage wars and they did give me my money back but I didn't want the money I wanted what they had more them the time they needed to provide me with my 2 trucks and trailers but at least I got the money back pluse even though I did tell the guy not his ollady because I never disrespected her at all but I let him know what I thought and heres the out come of me being burnt out of my trucks 1 I got my money back

2 I'm banded from there clubs but yet ive never said anything to any one untell now because now I'm band for there screw up and I couldn't get bin to cheer my ollady on and have fun with her these people are not hard to figure out who they are but they have showed me and I really don't care how much longer they been on then me but you can not trust them to live up to there end of there deals and I'm sure I'm not the only one that's been burnt like this  

so if you don't know or cant figure out who these people are send me a email and ill be more then happy to tell you there names

email me at MrRickDude_HAMC




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now check this out there taking it out on  my ollady because he wasn't man anuff to live up to thehe made with me for my trucks hes the one that did me dirty and these are the people we have to trust on here or thiks shit happens I was my money and I m the one that got fuck over they need to grow the fuck up I can always give my address and they can man the fuck up and come talk to me face to face yeah right like they will show up but that was a offer 

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