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Bank Account

In my bank account there is no transactions on this month, I need to know why!!! I have been voting and all the things we need to increase my account

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Contact from your registered email address and they will look into this. 

Why is it I can't get in touch with someone via Live Support.   They sent me a message saying some nonsense about fraud on my bank account like idk  I'm trying to use someone elses or something. There needs to be someone around Not pleased

 i told rlc to remove my cc and thay nevre did and thay bann my account for no reazon at all

in the old Eros,,,,,,I had over 4 million clams,,,,,,I come here and only get 200 rays,,,,,what is up with that,,,,


I just got the same fraud messages, I have tried to get in touch with support have heard nothing back, highly dissatisfied
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