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I want all my accounts deleted ASAP

I've had some issue on uthverse and I've disabled all my accounts profiles and I want to delete chole Vassar , kinyto2, Qn Conrina STR as well. My husband is going to use his. And be green. This way my problem is solved and I want get charged anymore. Christonya hudgins

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if you have an email from anyone from the site , on that page on a corner it has unsubscribe account, maybe that will delete all of your accounts :) try it first honey and be happy :)

Bonjour comment faire pour recupré un compte bannie 

I want to cancel membership It was supposed to be free but I was charged and had VIP I have requested multiple times to remove VIP and to cancel my membership but no reply I went to my bank and utherverse had taken $30.00 out of my account so I had to lock my account and block any further money from being taken by them . I have looked and read and no where have I found downgrade ,Cancel membership nor where I can close my account I feel trapped into this with no way out if anyone knows how I can get everything canceled , closed and removed please tell me how 

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i want to cancel my account as soon as possible

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i want to delete my account?

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how do I do it?

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I want cancel airyfire account only want it removed from my account thank you..

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Cancel my account please
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