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I gifted my friend VIP her name in rlc is TitusClaysMommy I spent the $20 to purchace vip for her but she is still green and she has even reloaded client. What can we do?

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Hy Michelle 

write about your problem on email at they will help you.

Good luck!

How do i pay for vip using my rays

I want to cancel my automatic payments coming out of my bank account, as I have no job to pay the membership for now. How can I reset it that I pay as I go.

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Thanks Red_Poison  but I want to stop automatic payments coming out of my account. Not cancel the account all together.  :) I want to have the choice of being green or not. As I am out of work and want the choice of paying membership for the month or not.  TY anyway

I just want to know how to cancel my vip subscription.

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can u re-send the link please:)

thank you

how do go bout report someone

to report someone, email 

having trouble buying more rays

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if you're not VIP/UVIP you can't buy rays... Having said that, If you ARE VIP/UVIP and are having issues purchasing Rays... Try clearing your browser cache, then boot your computer. If that doesn't fix it create a ticket by clicking the button in the upper right corner of this page.

 i reported someone on here while back they tryed hack my computer and world oops treated my complaint as a joke.

the person is still playing on this site i guess it is beacuse she part of a huge club here a spends lots money. i even

quoted them one of rlc own rules about trying to obtain peoples personal info but even that the took as a joke. well

had my say have fun everyone

I keep getting messages about VIP and rays. Because I asked how i stop monthly payments automatic coming out of my bank. ( Apart from going to the bank and putting a stop to it myself. ) I still want to have my membership to RLC. But some months I don't use it. But so far I haven't been able to get the correct answer for this. Not sure why not.

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