Rays are the virtual currency of Utherverse, and can be used for a variety of different things. You can see how many Rays you have on your main Social Center page. If you click the Transaction History link, you'll be able to see how you earned and spent your Rays.

100 Rays is roughly equivalent to USD$7 (based on the average market price for March, 2014). 

How To Use Rays

Rays are the virtual currently in RLC, and are used in every transaction. You can use them to

Please note that any Rays exchanges between members are performed on a ‘buyer beware’ type of basis, and we cannot reverse transfers if you do not get the services or products paid for.

How To Get Rays

You can earn Rays through the Social Center, buy Rays through CCBill or the Marketplace, and earn Rays as an affiliate!

Earning Rays in the Social Center

You can earn Rays by performing actions on the site, such as rating and posting picture, blogs, and bulletins. There are limits on how many Rays you can earn this way each day.

  • Social Center Logins: ®0.25 once per day
  • Client Login to Red Light Center network: ®0.75 up to 2x per day
  • View a Profile: ®0.10 up to 10x per day
  • Rate a Profile: ®0.10 up to 10x per day
  • Rate a Picture: ®0.05 up to 30x per day
  • Rate a Blog: ®0.25 up to 2x per day
  • Post a Blog Entry: ®1.00 up to 1 every 3 days
  • Upload First Picture: ®1.00
  • Upload Pictures: ®0.25 up to 20 pictures per month
  • Your Blog Read: ®0.05 up to 10x per day
  • Your Profile Viewed: ®0.05 up to 20x per day
  • Upgrade to paid VIP: ®20.00 plus ®20 Rays per month that you remain paid VIP

Buying Rays

You can also Instantly through CCBill. The minimum purchase is 250 Rays for USD $20, but you can purchase any amount over that.

  1. Click the Buy Rays Instantly button on your main Social Center page, or visit this link: https://www.redlightcenter.com/Net/market/PurchaseRays.aspx 
  2. Enter the amount of Rays you’d like to purchase. The cost will be displayed to the right of your selection
  3. Click Proceed to Payment
  4. Complete your payment info and click Submit Order

You can Subscribe to monthly Rays deposits through CCBill. You can sign up for USD $10, $20, or $50 worth of Rays to be deposited into your account each month. The number of Rays you get each month will depend on the current Price for Rays as determined by the Marketplace. To start a Rays subscription:

You can also buy Rays from other members on the Marketplace. You can learn how in the Marketplace Help Article

Earning Rays as an Affiliate

Sign up for the Affiliate Program and you can earn Rays for referring new members to RLC! Make sure you always refer people with a link that includes your tracking code, otherwise you won't earn Rays. Visit the Affiliates Help Article for tips and frequently asked questions.