PLEASE ALLOW AT LEAST TWO FULL BUSINESS DAYS FOR AD SET-UP. A staff member will have to review your ad and discuss pricing with you. If you choose a start date that is too soon, your ad may not be set up in time.

  1. Open a Ticket and select Business Support in the Help Topic drop-down menu
  2. Let us know you'd like to set up an ad
  3. We'll get back to you to gather details and discuss pricing

If you want to speed up the process, please include the following:

  • Which ad spot you'd like to advertise in. You can see a list of them in the Ad Locations Article
  • The VWW or Web link you'd like the ad to direct to
  • An ad image, appropriately sized for the spot you chose. Ad spot dimensions are listed in the Ad Locations Article
  • The dates you'd like your ad to start and end. 
    • Ads cannot start or end on a Saturday, Sunday or on a statutory holiday in BC, Canada
    • Please ensure your start date is at least 2 full business days after opening your ticket to allow us time for setting up your ad and confirming payment details.


  • Allow time for staff to set up your ad. A staff member will have to review your ad and discuss pricing with you, so make sure you open your ticket with Business Support a few days (or more!) before you want your ad to start.
  • Ads can only start or end during office hours! Ads cannot start or end on a Saturday, Sunday or on a statutory holiday in BC, Canada.
  • Most ad spots contain multiple ads. Each ad displays for a short period of time before another ad is shown. This allows all ads in the spot to be viewed many times throughout the day, maximizing exposure to more people.
  • Some ad spots allow exclusive rental for an additional fee, meaning ONLY your ad would show in that spot, and it will show 100% of the time. You can ask Business Support for a list of spots currently available for exclusive rental.
  • You can pay by automatic Rays withdrawal or you can send the Rays yourself. Let us know which you would prefer when you're arranging for your ad to be set up. Rays for ads can be sent to the UTH_Marketing profile. 
    • For automatic withdrawal, you must have enough Rays in your account for the withdrawal to be completed. If you have multiple profiles on your account, let us know which one to withdraw the Rays from. Your chosen withdrawal profile must be attached to the email you are contacting us from.
  • Incorrectly sized images will be resized, which may result in stretching or cropping. Image dimensions should be multiples of 8. The best size for square ads is 1024x1024 pixels. The best size for rectangular ads is 1024x512 pixels.
  • Ad images must be in .png or .jpg format. Animated images and video are not permitted, as they can cause lag.
  • All images must comply with the Terms of Service. Additionally, images must not contain genital or anal nudity, or penetrative vaginal, anal, or oral sex. Images that do not comply with these rules will be rejected.
  • Make sure your advertising image is eye-catching and easy to read. Simple is best! Ads that are too cluttered or wordy are more likely to g