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Wronfully deleted and banned ip address

For the past two days, I have been in contact with the support center regarding my account being banned, and now deleted for no reason at all. I have been a part of the RLC family since 2012 with no problems until 2 days ago. I wasn't able to log in, I was informed that my profile had been banned, yet was able to view my online profile. So in kind, I wrote a letter explaining what I was seeing and seeing about fixing this matter. Then I go check on it today, and My account was not only deleted altogether, but my ip address is still banned. So now I feel as though I am being targeted for no reason at all. If this is how you treat your longtime, loyal consumer base; The BBB deserves to have the right to know about these shady business practices your company is engaged in. I would like to think that this was just an honest mistake, but when things are deleted altogether, I feel as if it is targeted.so please respond to this as now the community is informed that they too could be a target of these kinds of things for no reason at all. I do appreciate the seriousness with which this is being taken.

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Alan I feel your pain ... I too have been going thru this exact same scenario ...

no answers ... no reasons ... no responses .. posting a ''ticket'' is fruitless ... in the mean time ... I have lost all my ''properties''... my rlc rays and my U.S. Dollars on my account .... NO ONE  has responded in the last few days ... if they do ... its a form letter ... 

U was banned also. Is there a phone number to call? This is pissing me off!
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