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I want to delete my account as soon as possible

I am trying to delete my account with My user name is ghostlilly and I would like my photos and account delete from the system as soon as possible. I thought I had closed this years ago but I popped up in the email recently.

23 people have this problem

Someone please delete my account.  I no longer want to be in RLC.  

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Please delete my account under bbwvirginsub and send me an email confirmation.

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pls delete my accounts 

Please delete my 2 accounts, I do not use them anymore. Yira_NY and Wanda54, thanks a lot

Please delete everything in my account and close me out.  Please don't charge my CC anymore.  Please let me know when this is done (e-mail confirmation)

Please delete everything in my account Veromworel_PLC , thank you

quiero eliminar mi cuenta por favor,gracias

Please delete the account rogerrichy1. I will not use this service Thanks You


I want to close my account to. Not just VIP but the basic account to. Please someone help me.

Please delete my account ASAP. Thanks in advance.

Nothing happen?No answer


Wonder why I stay VIP when I haven´t order that? I dont want it


I want to delete all my accounts? as soon as possible.

Please delete the entire contents of my profile, love_lacey_x I would like an email confirmation to the that accounts email when this has happened, and I will be checking back regularly until someone does this or posts a way for me to do this.
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