When logged into the Utherverse 3D client, you will notice avatars have their names, and in some cases, titles, hovering above them in different colors.

What The Colors Mean

A name in green indicates the member does not have an upgraded account. Basic members are unable to get nude or view nudity, use sex animations, send Rays, send private messages, or buy or use custom clothing. 

A name in yellow indicates the member is a VIP or UVIP member and has full access to all Utherverse services, such as nudity, sex, Rays, private messaging, and avatar customization. Badges in yellow can indicate enrolment in special programs or volunteer status.

A name in red accompanied with a title indicates the member is enrolled in the WG Program and provides adult services. All WGs must have VIP or UVIP membership. For information on each girl's rates, private message her, or visit http://wg.redlightcenter.com to visit the Working Girls/Working Guys Directory.

A name in blue indicates the member is a senior volunteer or a staff member. These members will typically have a title associated with them, so you know exactly what their role is in Utherverse.

Badge colors usually match the name colors, with the exception of the Helper badge, which is green to indicate that it is an entry-level volunteer position. Members may still have an upgraded account with this badge, and their name will appear in yellow if that is the case.


What Badges Are Available

You will see several different 'badges' or titles above avatars heads. Badges can be used to indicate that a member is staff or a volunteer, that they're part of a virtual business program, or that they've won a special designation through an event or contest.

Staff and Volunteers

The following are all volunteer members who assist in overseeing the welfare of the community, and help optimize the user experience.

  • Helper: A helper is here to help members. They answer basic questions, give tours, and assist where needed.  Helpers set their own hours and help out as-needed and as they have time. Anyone who wants to become a guide must first start out as a helper.
  • Guide: Guides have a few more responsibilities and more of a schedule than helpers, along with more experience. They answer basic questions, give tours, and assist where needed. Guides can usually be found in the Welcome Center or Transport Centers.
  • Leader: Leaders assist the guides. They do many of the same things guides do, but with added responsibilities. They also help with bug testing, helping mediate disputes not easily settled, and assisting Protectors as well as the members.
  • Ambassador: Ambassadors are here to ensure members can make the most of their experience in RLC, and help with learning about different events and programs in RLC. Ambassadors may have special titles indication their area of specialization, such as Events Ambassador or Business Ambassador.
  • Universal JoP: A Justice of the Peace is part of the weddings team, and helps ensure wedding planning goes smoothly. JoPs can perform ceremonies such as weddings, collarings, group unions, or memorial services.
  • Protector: Protectors are here to help the community and provide safety and security to users. Protectors are tasked with ensuring that the Rules of Conduct for the site are abide by, and mediating disputes between users. Protectors are able to disconect any user who is found in violation of the Rules of Conduct until the World Operations department is able to fully investigate the incident.
  • Community Moderator: Community Moderators are long time Protectors whose experience is drawn upon to assist all other volunteers.
  • Staff Moderator: Staff moderators are representatives of the Utherverse community hand-selected by the Utherverse Head Office team. They help to manage the Utherverse volunteer team and are a direct link between Utherverse World Operations and the Utherverse Volunteer program and community. They assist with any problems that come up that can't be handled otherwise. They are also in direct contact with senior level Utherverse staff.
  • Other Staff: Some staff members may have special designations indicating that they specialize in a particular area, such as Tech Support, Customer Support, or Business Development. All staff badges will be displayed in the Staff Blue color.


Businesses in RLC can unlock various perks such as additional properties, scripts, and promotional tools by signing up for special programs.

  • UV Business: Members can apply for a Business License which grants a UV Business badge, unlocks special scripts and properties, and comes with a Business Directory listing. Learn more in the Business Licenses article.
  • Licensed Decorator: Licensed Decorators have undergone training and testing and are approved to use advance scripts when decorating properties. The Licensed Decorator program is discontinued, so no new badges will be issued. Members who already had the badge are permitted to continue using it and the advance scripts and permissions that come with it. You can find Licensed Decorators in the Decorator Directory by selecting the 'Is Licensed' option in the search filters.
  • WG: WGs are members who provide virtual sex sessions in exchange for Rays. WGs who have been photo, age and gender verified will have a Working Girl/Guy/TGirl or TGuy badge. You can search for WGs or become one at the WG Directory
  • Adult Star/Starlet: Adult performers can contact staff to verify that they are legitimate members of the adult entertainment industry to receive this badge. If you are an adult performer and would like the badge, please contact wg@redlightcenter.com or open a support ticket with the WG department.

Special Badges

  • Conventions: During a virtual convention, special badges may be granted to exhibitors, speakers, sponsors, etc. so make them easy to identify on the convention floor.
  • Special Events: Some contest winners may receive a special badge, such as Prom King or Prom Queen. These badges are usually granted until the next contest is held, at which point the badge is changed over to the new winner.
  • Press: Members of the press may be granted a Press badge so people are aware they are legitimate, and can decide whether or not they'd like to participate in any interviews or research.

How To Wear A Badge

You can choose which badge to display above your avatar in-world, if you have more than one:

  1. Login to your Social Center profile (https://www.redlightcenter.com/Net/Home.aspx)
  2. On the right side of your main profile page between sections "Sponsors" and "Friends online" you will find "Your Badges" section
  3. From your list of badges (if you have more than one) choose the badge you'd like to display over your avatar
    • To take the badge off, choose "No Badge" option