Upgrade (CCBill)

To upgrade to a VIP or UVIP subscription:

1.    Visit https://www.utherverse.com/net/Upgrade.aspx

2.    Select the subscription type you’d like

3.    Follow the prompts to complete payment

Upgrade Another Member (CCBill)

To pay for 30 days of VIP membership for someone else on the site please log into your profile and follow the steps below.

  1. On your main Social Center page, click “Upgrade A Friend” (in the Message Center box). Or you can follow this link: https://www.redlightcenter.com/Net/UpgradeAFriend.aspx 
  2. Enter the member’s user name, or use the drop-down menu to switch to member ID or email
  3. Click Upgrade
  4. Enter your payment information and Complete the Purchase

Please note the member must be age verified or a VIP member in the past for you to be able to purchase the VIP membership for them.

Upgrade with Rays

Upgrading your account to VIP with your own Rays costs 375.00 rays. When you are ready to upgrade to VIP open a ticket and include, “I grant RLC permission to take 375 Rays for my next 30 days of VIP membership.” in the description. Make sure your support account is registered to the same email address as the account you want to upgrade.

Once we receive this authorization from you we will transfer the rays and apply the VIP membership to your account. You will also receive an email confirming this has been done as well as your expiration date.

Please note your account must be age verified or have been a VIP member in the past for you to be able to upgrade to VIP using this method.

Upgrade Through The Marketplace

To purchase VIP membership through your Trader account please log into your profile and follow the steps below:

  1. Sign in to www.redlightcenter.com
  2. Visit the Marketplace. There is a Buy/Sell Marketplace button on your main Social Center Page
  3. Click the Withdraw link
  4. Click the Buy VIP button and follow the prompts

Upgrade Without CCBill

We do have alternate payment methods available for members that are not able to upgrade through CCBill. With the assistance of our Support Center we also can take payments via WesternUnion.com, Money Order or bank transfers.  Please open a ticket if you would like to use one of these methods.