If you'd like to license an RLC or member-owned door, please visit the Licensing Doors article.

Members with certain memberships and licenses can create doors in their properties that other members can license for Rays.

  1. In the RLC client, go to the region you’re installing the door in
  2. Place an Auction Door prop wherever it is you want a door
  3. Under Plugins, select ‘DAuction'
  4. Give it a name
  5. If you're using a clone, make sure your changes are published to your live region and switch to it
  6. Click the sign on your door that says "CLICK TO CONFIGURE THIS DOOR"
  7. Select the License Type:
    • Fixed Price doors are a set price. The Moderated version allows you to accept or reject bids on the door, and the unmoderated version accepts the first bid automatically
    • Auctions have a fixed starting price, then members bid higher or lower depending on the type of auction. After the auction period ends, the winning bid is accepted automatically
  8. Select the price
    • For Fixed Price doors you can just set whatever price you want for the door
    • For Auctions, you'll need to set the starting price (low for regular auctions where people bid higher, and high for reverse auctions where people bid lower)
  9. Select the door license period. This is how long the winning bidder will license the door for
  10. Select the auction duration. If you're auctioning a door, you'll want to leave enough time for multiple people to enter bids
  11. Select the Role required
  12. Check 'Auto Approve User Textures' if you're okay with the winning bidder adding their own texture to the door without approval. If you'd prefer to check on door textures first, uncheck the box and you can approve textures manually.
  13. Check 'License Auto-Renew' if you want the license to renew automatically at the end of the Door License Period. The licensee can opt out of this if they want.
  14. Click Configure

You can see your doors by logging into the Social Center and navigating to the following tabs Property > Doors

From there you can see your created doors, licensed doors, and your active door bids.