Pin Reset 

Your pin is a code, minimum four characters, that protects your hard-earned Rays, much the same as a pin would protect your bank account when you use a debit card.

You will create one upon signing into the Social Center website for the first time, and you will need to enter that pin every time you make a transaction with Rays, be it on the Marketplace, buying a Gift, or anything else.

If you lose this pin, we can reset it for you, but due for security reasons, we will need to have you verify something before we can reset a pin for you.

If you find you need your pin reset, please send an email into with the following information and we’ll be glad to help : 

- If you are currently a paying VIP member, please verify the first and last name attached to your payment. 

- If you are currently VIP on a Gift, please verify the name on the ID used to age verify with us to activate the Gift.

- If you are a Basic member you cannot transfer Rays, therefore there is no need to have a pin reset. If you would like the pin reset nonetheless, and you have not age verified or paid in the past, then you will need to age verify with us now. To do so, upload a scan or a digital photo of your Government issued ID to and let us know in an email that you wish to have a pin reset along with the upload, and we’ll be happy to assist.

Cancelling Your Account

There are two different situations when you come to the conclusion you no longer want to have an RLC account. In either case, the quickest way to accomplish a cancellation is to email and we will take care of the details for you. 

Firstly, if you are currently a paying VIP member, you will need to set your account to downgrade back to Basic status so you do not get charged any longer. 

You can cancel the account fully at this point, but you will be forgoing any remaining VIP time by doing so. Please make this explicitly clear if this is what you wish to do. If you want to simply downgrade and leave the account as Basic, please also tell us that and we’ll take the appropriate action. 

Secondly, if you are currently a Basic member, and you request to cancel, it will remove your account from RLC entirely. Please ensure you wish to do so, as we cannot always reactivate a canceled account, and generally will only do so in special circumstances. 

You can also visit this site to cancel online :

Age Verification

We may ask to prove that you are of legal age to be a participant in the site at any time, as we must ensure that no minors or under-aged persons are accessing our unique community, or the adult content within.

If you are not being billed on a credit card, and want to access VIP content, either through a Gift, a non-credit card payment method, or someone else purchasing you VIP access, you will need to age verify with us before we can upgrade you to VIP. 

Also, if you have not billed previously, or age verified in the past, we will require that you do so when requesting a pin reset, to ensure security of your hard-earned Rays.

You may also age verify your account at any time without being prompted, as then any Gifts you receive in the future will be automatically applied without the hassle of age verifying. Also, if we have a name on file, and you need a pin reset, you can simply confirm the name and we can have it reset for you right then and there.

It must be a legible copy, and we must be able to read the issuing Government Agency, your full name, and your date of birth or we will be unable to verify you. The best way to do this would be best to scan or take a digital picture of your ID. 

To upload your ID today, please visit :

If you do not have camera or a scanner, you can also send it to us by Fax, or by regular Mail.

If Faxing: It's best if you enlarge and lighten the copy of the ID, prior to faxing. Also, make sure to set the resolution on the fax to SUPERFINE. Our fax number is (775) 580-9977. For our International users it’s: 001+ (775) 580-9977

If Mailing: Enlarge and lighten the copy of the ID and mail to: Utherverse, Inc, PO Box 11289, Zephyr Cove, NV 89448 USA

Note: We cannot accept black and white scans of documents, unless it is sent through a fax service. Please send in full color shots of your ID, or we will not be able to verify you.

If all else fails, you can also always send a copy over to and we can help you from there.