You can can change the second “@######” portion of a property’s VWW link to a word, or 'alias', to make it easier to remember. When you set a link alias, you can use either the new link or the old link to get to a property, and any saved landmarks will still word fine.

For example, you can use either of the following links to get to Merlin’s Wonderland: 

  • The original,  vww://utherverse.vww/@210872 OR 
  • The alias link, vww://utherverse.vww/Wonderland

Zaby properties cannot use aliases.

Set A Link Alias

  1. Visit the Property tab in your Social Center
  2. In the drop-down menu, select the world your property is in
  3. Find the property you want to edit and click Manage
  4. Under the Edit tab, find the “Change VWW Link URL” section
  5. Enter the alias you’d like to use in the text field
  6. Click Update

That’s it! Now you can use the original link or the alias link to reach your property. Anybody who has the old link landmarked will still be able to use their saved landmark to visit your property.