Domain messages and world broadcasts are great ways to make announcements, run event games and prize giveaways, and tell people a little about your world.

World Broadcasts

You can send 'domain broadcasts' within your own worlds, except for your Zaby world. A domain broadcast will send a message in purple text to the local chat of all properties you own within the world you're sending from. 

So if you have a world called "World1" and you have 10 properties in that world, sending a broadcast to World1 will send a purple-text message to the local chats of all 10 properties.

To send a domain broadcast:

  1. Navigate to a property in the domain you’d like to send a broadcast in
  2. Click the down-arrow button in your button menu (where your mini-avatar is)
  3. Click Broadcast
  4. Enter the text you’d like to send to all local chats within your world
  5. Click Submit

To let another member to send broadcasts in your world:

  1. In your Social Center, navigate to the Property tab
  2. Click the Manage World Tab
  3. Select the world you'd like to edit permissions for from the drop-down menu
  4. Click the Permission sub-tab
  5. If you don't have a broadcast permission list set up:
    • Under 'Create New List', type the name of your new list (I suggest something like Broadcast so it's easy to tell what it's for)
    • Click 'Go'
    • Under 'Work with a list', make sure your new list is selected from the drop-down menu
    • In the 'Type Member Name' field, type the name of the member you'd like to allow broadcast permissions
    • Click Add
    • You can repeat the last two steps to add more people to your broadcast list
  6. Once you have a list, set the following permissions using the drop-down menus:
    • Type: Allow
    • List: (whatever list contains the people you'd like to let broadcast)
    • Action: Send a domain broadcast
  7. Click Create

You can edit your broadcast permissions list any time from the same page you added the permissions on. Simply select it from the "Work with a list" drop-down menu. You can then delete people from the list, or add more.

Domain Message

Your domain message will appear in the 'Domain Info' tab of the in-world explore menu when someone visits a property you own.

To set up a domain message:

  1. Navigate to the Property tab of your Social Center
  2. Click the Manage World sub-tab
  3. Select which world to set a message for from the drop-down menu
  4. Click the Message sub-tab
  5. Type your message in the box
    • If you’re copy/pasting, make sure to paste as PLAIN text, or your formatting might make it hard to read
    • You can use the basic text editor or switch to ‘Source’ to throw in some HTML
    • Keep in mind it will be displayed on a dark background, so light text colours are best
    • Scrolling currently doesn’t work, so keep it short and sweet
    • Links only sort of work, so it’s best to use a shortened link that people can type, if you need to include one
  6. Click the UPDATE button