Bulletins are a great way to share special events and announcements with your friends. You can see bulletins in two spots:

  • On your main Social Center page, under the Bulletins heading
  • By clicking your Messages tab, then the Bulletins tab

Tip: Nobody likes to feel overwhelmed or ‘spammed’! Try spreading your bulletins out throughout the

day and including all relevant information, rather than making many posts all at once.

Manage Bulletins

From your main page or from the Bulletins tab you can:

  • Click a bulletin to see the full description
  • Click the bulletin owner's name to visit their profile
  • Click Hide to hide the bulletin (Careful! This cannot be undone)
  • Click Hide (username's) to hide all bulletins by that user
    • Click the bulletin settings tab to see a list of members whose bulletins you've hidden. You can Unhide them here

Create Bulletins

From your main page or from the Bulletins tab:

  1. Enter the subject of the bulletin (the title)
  2. Enter a description (the message). You can use some basic HTML to add pictures and links
  3. Click Submit and your bulletin will appear in your friends' bulletins list

Bulletin Formatting

You can use basic HTML to format your bulletins so they stand out, are easier to read, or are just generally more fun. If you're not familiar with HTML, you can search online for basic HTML tutorials and videos. Don't feel overwhelmed! Basic formatting and adding pictures is pretty easy once you understand the basics. 


To format text, you'll need to "open" and "close" the formatting around it. So, for example, if I want the word carrot to be bold, I will put <strong> carrot </strong> to get 


Whatever is inside the brackets <like this> tells the computer how to format the text outside the brackets

Adding a slash to the beginning of the formatting information tells the computer that that type of formatting ends there. So in the <strong> carrot </strong> example

  • the first part <strong> tells the computer to start making text bold, and 
  • the </strong> part tells the computer to stop making text bold



<strong> your text </strong>


<em> your text </em>


<u> your text </u>


<font color="red"> your text </font> 

You can replace red with other common colors. such blue, pink, orange, grey. You can see a preview of more colours here: https://www.w3schools.com/colors/colors_names.asp   

heading 1

<h1> your text </h1>

heading 2

<h2> your text </h2>

Bulleted and Numbered Lists

  • Bulleted lists must start with <ul> and end with </ul>
  • Numbered (ordered) lists must start with <ol> and end with </ol>
  • plus each list item must have  <li> and </li> to identify it as a point on the list

So a numbered list will look like this:


<li>The first item on the list</li>

<li>Another item on the list</li>

<li>A third item on the list</li>


So that it shows in the final product like so:

  1. The first item on the list
  2. Another item on the list
  3. A third item on the list

Line Breaks:

Use <br> to add a 'line break'. This is like using the ENTER or RETURN key. One <br> will send everything after it down one line, and two <br><br> will double space your items.

So if i go like this <br> Then like this <br><br> It will look like this

So if I go like this

Then like this

It will look like this


You can add an image like so <img src="yourimagelink"></img>

The text inside the quotation marks should be a direct link to your image

So for example <img src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/cdn.freshdesk.com/data/helpdesk/attachments/production/19042179812/original/t3kUFj9GsTt2Rp8WY9laZVy2vQEpjTq9uQ.png?1556146048"></img> will display this image: