There are lots of ways to promote yourself as a WG to find new clients and earn more money!

WG Billboard Ads

Premium and Verified WGs can upload a billboard ad which links back to their Directory Listing. The ad will display in rotation with the other WGs’ ads in several places in the RLC 3D Environment. 

WG Billboard Regulations

  • Your poster must be square, and either 1024x1024 pixels or 512x512 pixels. Incorrectly sized images will be resized, cropped or rejected
  • Your poster should include your WG name in easy to read lettering
  • Absolutely no hardcore content (genital nudity/penetration) is allowed
  • Images must conform to the RLC Rules of Conduct and Terms of Service
  • Your poster must only advertise information related to your WG listing. Posters advertising other businesses or services will be rejected/removed, including WG clubs and events. If you would like to advertise a WG-friendly club, event, or service, please open a support ticket with the Business Department to discuss advertising opportunities.

Submitting Your WG Billboard Ad

The automated billboard system is currently be reconstructed. For now, please:

  1. Open a support ticket with the WG department 
  2. Include in your ticket:
    • That you are requesting a WG billboard ad for your WG profile
    • Your WG name or a link to your WG profile
    • Your ad image, and your WG profile link or member ID/username
  3. WG staff will confirm that you have the necessary WG listing type and upload your ad for you


There are lots of WG-friendly events and areas to visit all over RLC. If you want people to know who you are and what you do, you should try visiting WG-friendly spaces, and joining in on WG events. Make sure you always follow the rules of the place you're in. Private venues may have their own rules in addition to RLC's.

  • Visit WG friendly venues like BareBack Bordello: vww://utherverse.vww/bordello. This is a great place to meet clients and other WGs, get info about the WG program, and participate in fun events!
  • Check the Calendar for WG-Friendly events to attend. Make sure you are friendly and talk to lots of people without being pushy about your services.

Word Of Mouth

Ask your clients to leave a good review if they're happy with your session! They can leave a review on your WG listing, as well as post one in the Working Girl/Guy Information and Review Board

WG Doors

You can get a FREE door on WG Boulevard! The criteria are:

  • Your venue always allows WGs to enter and wear their badges
  • Your venue is not a rent-free property (this does not mean visitors pay a cover charge, it means you pay a license fee on the property)
  • You are not currently banned from the WG Program or Bareback Bordello

Offer Special Services

WGs who offer special services in their sessions open themselves up to a wider variety of clients:

  • Voice and cam sessions offer clients additional intimacy and realism
  • Fetish sessions, such a domination and role play are great for kinky clients
  • Duos with other WGs can be exciting, just make sure you work out with the other WG beforehand what your are both comfortable doing with each other and how payment will be shared