We offer two types of White Label: Affiliate and Franchise.

White Label Affiliates

The Affiliate Program offers a number of tools to all affiliates allowing you to control the branding and style of your referral methods. You can learn more about the Affiliate Program in the Affiliate Program help article.

Custom landing page templates, email templates, ads, and videos can be found in the promotional area of your Affiliate center here: https://www.redlightcenter.com/Affiliate3/creative.aspx 

Custom-branded downloads are only recommended if you are including a download link on your own website and/or in communications to potential members. If you’d like your own custom-branded download please let me know and I’ll send you details on logo requirements and background sizing for each section of the installer, patcher and virtual world software.

Here's how to create your own custom-branded download of RLC:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Go to the Property tab
  3. From the Manage World sub-tab, use the drop-down menu to select the world you want people to land in when they use your custom download
  4. Select the Branding sub-sub-tab
  5. From here you can add your custom name and images, and see the link you will need to send people for them to download and enter your custom-branded world
  6. Don't forget to click Update to save your changes
  7. You can download and install your own custom world to check how your custom images look

These are the things you can customize:

  • Desktop Name is the name people will see on the desktop icon and in their start menu instead of 'Utherverse' or 'Red Light Center'
  • AppIcon is the desktop icon that users will see instead of the UV or RLC logo. The AppIcon must be an .ico file
  • Loading is the image that will be shown when the client is changing regions. The image size is 800x600 and can be a PNG, BMP, or JPG image
  • Login is the background image of the client login screen. The image size is 800x600 and can be a PNG, BMP, or JPG image
  • Header appears at the top of the client login screen. The image size is 500x90 and can be a PNG, BMP, or JPG image
  • Splash is the image shown when the client is starting. The image size is 800x600 and can be a PNG, BMP, or JPG image
  • Patcher is the image shown above the progress bar when the client is patching. The image size is 400x250 and can be a PNG, BMP, or JPG image
  • Installer Welcome is the image that appears on the side of the install Welcome and Finish pages. The image is 164x314 and can be a PNG, BMP, or JPG image
  • Patcher Buttons include Launch, Working, Repair, and Repair (off). They are all 100x30 and can be a PNG, BMP, or JPG image.

White Label Franchises

If you are looking for franchise opportunities, please email marketing@utherverse.com to discuss availability, costs, and requirements. 

White Label franchise licenses are available for regions that are not already in exclusive arrangements with our current Franchise partners. We have exclusive arrangements for the following regions: Germany, Brazil, Russia, Spain, Turkey, and Hungary. We also have several language-exclusive arrangements for those regions. If you are interested in franchise opportunities outside those regions, you are welcome to submit a business and marketing plan for us to consider. If your business and marketing plan is approved, we will contact you to discuss the particulars of the deal, including technical specifications, product support, hosting, and payments. The minimum setup and license fee is $100,000, and additional fees may be required depending on the scope of the project.