There are a number of advertising spaces on the and pages after logging in.  Ad spots usually contain several ads, rotating through them on a regular basis. However, you can request a higher view % or spot exclusivity for an increased price. All ad spots are paid for in Rays. 

Submit a Web Ad

If you'd like to apply for an ad spot, please open a ticket with the Business Department. If you'd like to speed up your request, please include the following information:

  • Name of the ad spot you would like to advertise in. Please scroll down to see web ad locations, dimensions, and pricing
  • Which member ID or profile name you'd like the ad cost deducted from (must be a profile linked to the email you contact us from)
  • Consent to have the ad fee deducted from your account in Rays if your ad is accepted
  • Start date of ad 
  • End date of ad 
  • VWW or Web link you'd like the ad to direct to when people click it
  • Ad image to be displayed in the ad spot. Ad images that are incorrectly sized will be resized or rejected. All ads must adhere to the RLC Terms of Service and must not contain genital or anal nudity.
  • Content rating of your ad. Does it show nipples, genitals, anything between the bum cheeks, or sexual activities? Then it's rated ADULT and there will be limits to which spots it can be displayed in.

If you ad is accepted, the advertising fee will be deducted from your Rays account automatically. If your ad is rejected, a staff member will contact you to help you get your ad set up.

Rules & Tips

  • Allow time for staff to set up your ad. A staff member will have to review your ad and discuss pricing with you, so make sure you open your ticket with Business Support a few days (or more!) before you want your ad to start.
  • Most ad spots contain multiple ads. Each ad displays for a short period of time before another ad is shown. This allows all ads in the spot to be viewed many times throughout the day, maximizing exposure to more people.
  • Some ad spots allow exclusive rental for an additional fee, meaning ONLY your ad would show in that spot, and it will show 100% of the time. You can ask Business Support for a list of spots currently available for exclusive rental.
  • Incorrectly sized images may be resized, which may result in stretching or cropping. Each ad spot below will say what the accepted ad dimensions are.
  • Ad images must be in the correct format. The most commonly accepted formats are .png and .jpg. Some ad spots accept .gifs. ALL ad images must be saved in the smallest file size possible. Oversized images may be compressed by staff.
  • All images must comply with the Terms of Service.
  • Images must not contain real-life depictions of adult content, such as photos or videos of genital or anal nudity, or penetrative vaginal, anal, or oral sex. Images that do not comply with these rules will be rejected. Illustrated or avatar-based depictions of nudity and sex are permitted, however they will be restricted to ad spaces and marked either 'adult hardcore' or 'adult softcore' to comply with members' content settings.
  • Make sure your advertising image is eye-catching and easy to read. Simple is best! Ads that are too cluttered or wordy are more likely to get ignored!

Ad Spot Locations, Sizes & Pricing


Location:Top of the page after logging inSize:728x90

100 Rays / day

2700 Rays / month



Location:Top left or right of the page after logging in. Only available when no Top Banner ad is in place.Size:60 characters

50 Rays / day

1350 Rays / month

Formats:Text only



Location:Bottom left or right of the page after logging inSize:300x250

90 Rays / day

2400 Rays / month



Location:Bottom of the page after logging inSize:728x90

90 Rays / day

2400 Rays / month