WGs earn money when another member pays them in Rays for their services. To send Rays, your client can click your avatar with their left mouse button then select Transfer Rays. Only VIP members can send Rays.

What Are Rays?

Rays are the official RLC currency. 100 Rays is roughly equivalent to USD$7 (based on the average market price for March, 2014). You can see how many Rays you have by viewing your Bank Account on your main Social Center page.

But I Want To Earn Real Money!

Don’t worry, you have the ability to trade your earned Rays in for REAL cash in the Marketplace. The Marketplace is an exchange where users can buy and sell Rays using real currency. 

To sell your Rays for real money:

  1. Sign in to www.redlightcenter.com
  2. Visit the Marketplace
  3. Find the “Bid Placement” section on the left hand side of the page
  4. Under the “Sell” heading, enter the number of Rays you would like to sell
  5. Choose what price to sell your Rays at
  6. Click SELL
  7. Confirm the details and enter your PIN
  8. Click “Proceed > >”

When someone buys your rays, the balance will be added to your Trader Account. You can see this balance by viewing your Trader Account on your main Social Center page.

How Do I Withdraw My Money?

There are three options for withdrawing funds from the marketplace:

  • Buy VIP: you can use your funds to buy a VIP subscription for yourself or someone else.
  • Paxum: Paxum is an e-wallet service that allows you to remove funds from your trader account.
  • Check or Wire Transfer: You can choose to receive a check or wire transfer

To choose one of the withdrawal options, visit the Withdraw Funds page and select the method of your choice.

How Much Should I Charge?

RLC WGs get complete control over their rates and services. You can charge whatever you feel is right for your sessions!

If you are just starting out, take a look through the WG Directory to see what other WGs are charging for similar services. You can try offering a beginner’s rate that’s a little lower to build up your clientele and good reviews! Once you have a good client base, try setting your rates a little higher to bring in more Rays.

How Can I Make More Money?

Special Sessions

WGs who offer special services in their sessions open themselves up to a wider variety of clients:

  • Voice and cam sessions offer clients additional intimacy and realism
  • Fetish sessions, such a domination and role play are great for kinky clients
  • Duos with other WGs can be exciting, just make sure you work out with the other WG beforehand what your are both comfortable doing with each other and how payment will be shared

Build Your Clientele

The more loyal and talkative your clientele, the more Rays you make!

  • If you can, try keeping and advertising a regular schedule. This makes it easier for clients who like you to see you over and over
  • Encourage clients to leave reviews on your WG Directory profile. Make sure ONLY those who have enjoyed a session with you leave reviews as false reviews are easily spotted, harm your reputation and will be removed
  • Try offering a special rate for first-time clients on their first session with you. You never know who’s been dying to try you out but just needed a little extra push!


There are plenty of opportunities to get the word out about your services in RLC

  • Participating in private WG parties is a great way to make yourself known.
  • Advertising spots are available in the Bordello and various places around RLC. Open a WG support ticket to learn more. Don’t forget to submit your WG Billboard Ad!
  • If you want to bring in clients from outside RLC, you can always try advertising to people on other websites. Make sure you’re complying with their rules

Other Ways To Earn Rays

  • Daily activities in the Social Center can earn your account Rays, such as rating and posting pictures, blogs, and bulletins.
  • The Refer a Friend program gives you AND your referred friends Rays when they sign up and upgrade
  • The RLC Affiliate Program is great if you have your own website and pays out 60% recurring on all referrals