You will see several different 'badges' or titles above avatars heads. The following are all volunteer members who assist in overseeing the welfare of the community, and help optimize the user experience.

Guide: A guide is here to help members. They answer basic questions, give tours, and assist where needed. Guides are normally a new users first contact with the Utherverse Volunteer program.

Leader: Leaders assist the guides. They do many of the same things guides do, but with added responsibilities. They also help with bug testing, helping mediate disputes not easily settled, and assisting Protectors as well as the members.

Protector: Protectors are here to help the community and provide safety and security to users. Protectors are tasked with ensuring that the Rules of Conduct for the site are abide by, and mediating disputes between users. Protectors are able to disconect any user who is found in violation of the Rules of Conduct until the World Operations department is able to fully investigate the incident.

Community Moderator: Community Moderators are long time Protectors whose experience is drawn upon to assist all other volunteers. 

Community Supervisor: Community Supervisors are also long time Protectors who assist in the management of the volunteer program. Training, the application process, and acting as mentors to all levels of the volunteer program are a Community Supervisors main focus. 

Staff Moderator: Staff moderators are company chosen representatives of the Utherverse community. They help to manage the Utherverse volunteer team and are a direct link between Utherverse World Operations and the Utherverse Volunteer program and community. They assist with any problems that come up that can't be handled otherwise. They are also in direct contact with senior level Utherverse staff.