When logged into the Utherverse 3D client, you will notice avatars have their names and in some cases, titles hovering above them in different colors.

A badge in green indicates the member does not have an upgraded account. Basic members are unable to get nude or view nudity, use sex animations, send Rays, send private messages, or buy or use custom clothing.

A name in yellow indicates the member is a VIP or UVIP member and has full access to all Utherverse services, such as nudity, sex, Rays, private messaging, and avatar customization. Badges in yellow can indicate enrolment in special programs or volunteer status.

A name in red accompanied with a title indicates the member is enrolled in the WG Program and provides adult services. All WGs must have VIP or UVIP memberhsip. For information on each girl's rates, private message her, or visit http://wg.redlightcenter.com to visit the Working Girls/Working Guys Directory.

A name in blue indicates the member is a senior volunteer or a staff member. These members will typically have a title associated with them, so you know exactly what their role is in Utherverse.