FRIENDS - This will list either all of your peers online or just your online friends.

HOME - This will bring you back the Transport Center if clicked while in-world.

CUSTOMIZE - This window currently lets you choose the avatar and clothes / accessories that you want to represent you in the virtual world.

DIMENSIONS – You can switch to different orientations (Standard, Anything Goes, Furry, BDSM, etc) for preference, as it will place you among a set of users that share your interests. Also offered is different language dimensions, such as Spanish, French, Dutch, etc, so that you can interact in a way that makes you feel most comfortable. We are always adding new languages, so if you’re native language is not included, it is likely on the way. Feel free to send a suggestion if you do not see the language you desire to communicate in.

PROFILE - This button will open a new browser window and allow you to access and edit your profile. 

SEARCH - This button will allow you to search other users' profiles.

OPTIONS - Pulls up a menu that allows you to choose your texture detail, language and sounds setting.

SUPPORT - Our phone numbers and email addresses are listed.

VIP - If you are not yet VIP, this is the button to hit to get you there. If you are VIP, this button should not appear.

Avatar Icon - Click this button to make your avatar become nude. You will have to click on the top and bottom to remove that respective piece of clothing. Available for VIP members ONLY.

FORUMS - This will open a browser window and take you to the Forums section of the website.

FAQ - Accesses the FAQ page you are currently reading.

QUIT - You will be prompted if you really want to quit, if yes, it will exit the application and log you off.