Control key (CTRL) – Run or fly – Press the control key once to run faster in the world, press again to go back to walking. Also use the control key to start/end the flying mode inside the "Sports Club". Use your mouse to move around once in flying mode.

Mouse Right key – Camera View – Holding down the Right Mouse button and rotating the mouse will move the viewing area/camera angle without moving the Avatar.

Mouse both keys – Backwards -- Hold both Mouse buttons at the same time will cause the Avatar to move backwards. This is the same as the down arrow key.

'?' key – Center – The avatar will return to the center position – this is the default view.

'<' '>' keys – Turn Camera Angle – Allows you to see your own avatar from the side or front for viewing your “Expression movements” and “Interaction movements”.

Things to click on: 

This is a single click world, no double clicking required.

In general if you want to interact with an object or person in the virtual world all you have to do is toSINGLE click on it. Clicking on a chair will walk you over to sit in it. Clicking on a person who is offering a handshake will walk you over to shake hands with that person.