Once your free period (if any) is over, your Zaby might have a rental cost. (Entry level Zabys are always free for VIP users).

Rent is always charged in Rays, and it is charged on a weekly basis for every Zaby that you wish to keep as an active Zaby.

If you don’t pay your rent, you can still “keep” that Zaby in your inventory, but you can’t decorate it or go there, and no one else can access it, either.

You can pay your rent up to four weeks in advance. You’ll know that you are overdue to pay rent if you see a “Rent Due” notice appear on the list of Zabys on your Home page.

To pay rent that is overdue, or to pay in advance, simply click on the Zaby that you want to pay for, and select “Rent Deposit”. If you have enough Rays, then one week of rent will be paid. (Note that once you pay rent on a Zaby, you cannot get that payment back, even if you don’t use the Zaby).

NOTE: You can only have ONE Zaby at a time that is your “DEFAULT” Zaby. That is the one that you can decorate and visit, and that other users can access. If you have more than one Zaby for which you are paying rent, you still can have only one Zaby that is accessible at a time. BUT YOU WILL STILL BE CHARGED RENT FOR ALL YOUR ACTIVE ZABYS. So, if you have two Zabys, and you pay one week of rent on both of them, in one week, rent will be due again for BOTH OF THEM, even if you used only one during the week.

You can deposit up to four weeks of rent for each Zaby. That rent payment goes into a “Lock Box”. You cannot get those Rays back from the Lock Box, but each week, when your rent comes due, funds will be transferred automatically from the Lox Box to pay your rent.