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We are transitioning to Freshdesk support system to serve you better.

Please note that if you're trying to log in your RLC username and password will not work (for now), but you can open a support ticket without creating an account.

Earning Rays Update

 There has been a recent system wide change that could affect your ability to earn Rays for site activity.


If you haven't validated the email address registered with your RLC account, you will not be able to earn Rays for site activity.


To validate your email address with us, you can get the validation email resent to your registered email address here: http://www.redlightcenter.com/resendvalticket.aspx


If you wish to change your registered email address and have access to the address you wish to change from and the address you wish to change to, you can make the change yourself here: http://www.redlightcenter.com/net/profile/edit_login.aspx


If the email address you have registered your account with is no longer active, you will need to request a manual change by contacting our Support team via email to support@redlightcenter.com


Please be aware that you will not be able to earn Rays for site activity until you have successfully validated your email address.


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